Crucifixion, from the Buhl Altarpiece, a particularly large Gothic oil on panel painting from the 1490s.
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Doctrine of Sacrifice and Atonement by Alfred Cave

Today’s free book is Alfred Cave’s detailed study of the doctrine of sacrifice and atonement. Alfred Cave was Professor and Principal of Hackney Theological College in London. Cave, who was also a Congregationalist minister, served as chairman of both the London Missionary Society and of the Colonial Missionary Society.

This public domain title was digitised from the copy held in Spurgeon’s College library.

Alfred Cave [1847-1900], The Scriptural Doctrine of Sacrifice, 2nd edn. Edinburgh: T & T Clark, 1890. Hbk. pp.550. [Click here to visit the download page for this title]

Table of Contents

  • Preface to the First Edition
  • Preface to this Edition
  • Introduction
    • Statement of Subject
    • Method of Investigation
      1. Biblico-Theological
      2. Critical
    • Importance of Inquiry in apprehending—
      1. Bible
      2. Judaism
      3. Atonement
      4. Sacerdotalism
    • Definition of Sacrifice
    • Division of this Treatise
  • Book I.—Preparatory
    • Part I.—The Patriarchal Doctrine of Sacrifice
      1. The Origin of Sacrifice
      2. The Development and Significance of Patriarchal Sacrifice
    • Part II.—The Mosaic Doctine of Sacrifice
      1. The Mosaic Injunctions
      2. The Essential Significance of Mosaic Injunctions
      3. The Symbolic Signficance of the Mosaic Injunctions
      4. The Sacramental Significance of the Mosaic Injunctions
      5. The Typical Significance of the Mosaic Injunctions
      6. General Review of the Mosaic Sacrificial Injunctions
    • Part III.—The Post-Mosaic Doctine of Sacrifice
      1. The National Conception of Mosaic Sacrifice
      2. The Hagiographical Conception of Mosaic Sacrifice
      3. The Prophetical Conception of Mosaic Sacrifice
      4. Other Thoeries of Old Testament Sacrifice Reviewed
      5. The Transition
  • Book II.—Pleromatic
    1. The New Testament Doctrine of Sacrifice Generally Considered
    2. The New Testament Description of thr Atoning Work of Christ as Sacrificial
    3. The New Testament Doctrine of the Atonement
    4. Critical Review of Theories of the Atonement
    5. Contemporary Doctrines of th Atonement: The Theories of Bushnell, Campbell, and Dale
    6. The Atonement of the Old and New Testament Compared
    7. Christian Sacrifices in the New Testament
    8. Christian Sacrifices Under the New and Old Covenants
    9. The Sacririce of the Lord’s Supper
    10. A Review of Other Views Upon the Holy Eucharist
    11. Sacrifice in the Heavenly World
  • Appendix
    1. On the Hebrew Sacrificial Terminology and its Hellenistic Equivalents
    2. On Azazel
    3. On Jewish Interpretation of Isaiah !iii.
    4. On the Seventy Weeks
  • Index

Image credit: Crucifixion, from the Buhl Altarpiece, a particularly large Gothic oil on panel painting from the 1490s. Source: Wikipedia

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