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Thanks to the kind permission of Paternoster Publishing, the following collection of essays is now available for free download.

David F. Wright, ed., Essays in Evangelical Social Ethics. Wilton, CN: Morehouse-Barlow Co., Inc., 1983. Pbk. ISBN: 0819213268. pp.192.

Essays in Evangelical Social Ethics, David F. Wright, editorDuring recent years Christians have done a great deal of radical thinking about society. Some of it has indeed been not so much radical as anti-supernaturalist. Consequently, Christians are now being urged to abandon their concern for social justice and concentrate on ‘spiritual’ matters.

But social involvement is basic to Christian commitment. Rather than abandon it, Christians should learn to think more biblically about the subject. The conference at which these lectures were delivered was convened with a view to building a biblical approach to ethics which would take account both of the realities of society and of the historic faith.

Beginning with methodology, the lectures covered the pluralist nature of modern society, the critique of Marxism, human rights, political structures and the procedures involved in using revelation to build an ethical system for today.

The syposium will thus be of interest to all Christians who are determined to live responsibly with the ‘market-place’ of society without abandoning the foundations of the historic faith.

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Table of Contents

Introduction, David F. Wright 
1 The Natural Ethic, Oliver O’Donovan 
2 Using the Bible in Ethics, I. Howard Marshall 
3 From Christendom to Pluralism, John Briggs 
4 Towards a Theology of the State, Haddon Wilmer 
5 The Challenge of Marxism, David Lyon View in PDF format
6 Man in Society, E. David Cook 
7 Human Rights 
Epilogue: Tasks Which Await Us, John Stott 
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