Theology of P.T. Forsyth – John H. Rodgers

John H. Rodgers, The Theology of P.T. Forsyth. The Cross of Christ and the Revelation of God

Emil Brunner and J.K. Mozley have affirmed  that P.T. Forsyth is the greatest dogmatic theologian Great Britain has given to the Church in modern times. What is it that lifts Forsyth into that select company of theologians who remain contemporay despite the passing of the years? Why does Forsyth continue to speak in a fresh stirring manner?

These questions are asked and answered by Professor John H. Rodgers in this brilliant and very readable work which is likely to become the standard and definitive exposition of Forsyth’s theology. Hitehrtoo Forysth has lacked a sympathetic expositot to do for him what for all his brilliance and peiecing insight he could not do for himself: present his theology as a systematic whole. Now, in Professor John Rodgers, a young American tehologian who studied under Karl barth at Basle, we have such an expositor. His work, in which the major themes of P.T. Forsyth are expounded and related to one another, will serve as an introduction to Forsyth’s theology as a whole.

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John H. Rodgers, The Theology of P.T. Forsyth. The Cross of Christ and the Revelation of God. London: Independent Press, 1965. Hbk. pp.324. [Click to visit the download page]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Introduction
  1. The Cross as the Fulfillment of God’s Redemptive-Revealing Action in History
  2. The Cross as the Word of Revelation
  3. Personal Participation in the Fact of the Cross
  4. A Critical Appreciation
  • Appendix
  • Notes
  • Bibliography
  • The Author
  • Index

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