The Sermon Under Attack
Klaas Runia

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Exeter: The Paternoster Press, 1983. Pbk. ISBN. 0853643415. pp.110.

© 1983 Paternoster Publishing - reproduced by permission.

Table of Contents

Runia: The Sermon Under AttackPreaching has traditionally been regarded as one of the most important and fruitful of church activities, And Klaas Runia, who was Professor of Theology at the Reformed Seminary, Kampen, in the Nederlands, belongs to a branch of the church that attaches a special importance to the ministry of the Word.

The effectiveness of preaching is increasingly being called into question and Professor Runia takes these criticisms very seriously. After examining them he considers the true nature of preaching and discusses the different ways in which a sermon may be put together.

The conclusions he draws are tested with reference to the practice of prophets and evangelists in the Bible. An Appendix, "Women in the Pulpit?" presents a distinctive viewpoint. Thoroughly biblical, these Moore Colege Lectures are rooted in the realities of today's world.

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