Doctrines of the Christian Faith by Sydney Cave

Sydney Cave, The Doctrines of the Christian FaithThis book had its origin in lectures given by Sydney Cave at Cheshunt College, Cambridge. In its present form it is intended as a comprehensive statement of the Christian message aimed at teachers and preachers. This book is still in copyright. Permission to reproduce it on-line has been granted by the United Reformed Church. It can be used for educational purposes, but not sold for profit without permission from the copyright holder.

Sydney Cave, The Doctrines of the Christian Faith. London: Independent Press Ltd., 1951. Hbk. pp.307. [Click to visit the download page]

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  1. Introduction
  2. The Christian Conception of God
  3. Salvation Through Christ
  4. Life in the Spirit
  5. Faith, Son and Spirit
  6. The Christian Hope
  • Index


It is not easy in these days to write on the Doctrines of the Christian Faith. The old infallibilities are gone, and Biblical Scholarship seems to many to have made insecure the foundations on which in the past theology has been built. Yet so long as there is Christian preaching there must be Christian theology, for theology has for its task the exploration of that message which it is the preacher’s privilege to proclaim.

The Christian message precepts many problems. Yet it is not primarily an addition to our problems. It is Good News of God, a revelation of the character of God-in which is to be found the answer to those questions which are every man’s concern. It is this· conviction which has led to the writing of this book. It has been written in the hope that it may help some to a conception of Christianity less vulnerable than many of its older presentations, and yet as truly a gospel to be preached….

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